Super Important Questions (and their answers)

Can I get a quote, lady?

You sure can! Click on the ol' 'GIVE ME CAKE' at the top of the page and type to your heart's content.

How much are you going to charge me for this so-called 'Baked Extravaganza'?

Now there friend, each extravaganza is tailored to your needs so contact me for a quote and I'll let you know!

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. My staff of elves require constant supervision otherwise the sprinkles tend to go missing...

Do you really have elves working for you?

As with any relationship, a little bit of mystery keeps the flame alive.

What happens if I pick up my 'Baked Extravaganza' and it breaks during transit *sad face*?

I endevour to create cakes and the like that are super supported so to minimise the risk of this ~sad face~ event. However, I cannot accept responsibility for any damage or breakage to your order once it has left my kitchen.

How do I transport the darn thing?

I provide a lovely box to hold your order. The best method of transportation is a tie between a trusted companion holding it like their newborn child and being placed flat on the floor or boot of your car. Your choice.

What kind of flavours you got up in this place?

I'm glad you asked, my friend, I am glad you asked. I'm all about flavours. Check out my FLAVOURS page for a page full of flavours.

Do you have an ~official~ deposit and payment policy?

I sure do! Because policies are fun and I'm all about fun! A non-refundable 50% deposit is required upon placement of order (otherwise the elves don't get their sprinkles and they don't make your baked goods). The remainder is due 7 days before your baked good collection date.