call me ginger


The 411. 

The Fly Honey Herself

Hey, Dawgs. I’m Steph. I’m 22. I got myself a Commerce degree but, frankly, the world of ‘finance’ is still a great mystery. I love dogs, specifically, my dog Baxter. I’m scared of butterflies. I love having TV marathons. I love boy bands, 90’s boy band music videos (please watch ‘I Want You Back’ by *NSYNC), One Direction and One Direction ‘Funny Moments’ Compilation videos. As my family can attest to, I love to sing and have impeccable taste in music. I believe High School Musical is the greatest trilogy ever made. At high school, I won an award for being ‘Most Like a Disney Princess’ which, really, should tell you everything you need to know.

Origin Story.

How the Fly Honey Got Baking

I’ve been in the baking business for years. Some of my early career highlights include luminescent Strawberry Nesquick cakes, salty Hummingbird cakes and fish-sauce spiked mocktails. With some good ol’ parental supervision, I stopped trying to poison my family and made some half-decent baked goods.

Somewhere along the way, I discovered the way to make friends at school was to bring baked goods for my classmates. I got myself a rep’ for being a super cool baker who went to cake decorating courses with their mum. After university ended, I spent all my time baking as a technique to avoid actually being an adult. I pretend to know things about the camera I use but I have no clue. So, here we are today. Making cakes. Pulling some funky dance moves while no-one is watching.